Strategy, Vision and Key Activities


Welcome to the world of unique and joyous method of Learning in safe and friendly environment. 

Birth to six years of age is very important for child’s brain development as more than 80% of brain development happens during this time.


Colours Preschool is known for nurturing love for the learning. We develop brain pathways by giving children Visual Auditory and tactile stimulation with increased frequency, intensity, and duration. 

Overall objective is to have holistic development of the kids. Our Mission at Colours Preschool, is to Maximize Every Child’s Potential.  We engage parents through regular communication; timely updates of the child’s development; regular parent-teacher meetings, exciting school events, excursions, annual concerts and exhibition. We want to build a strong partnership with parents; to bring out the very best in each child! We do extensive research and analysis of new developments in the field of early childhood education.   

With God’s Blessings, we will continue to strive for improvements, try to bring in New Methods, Processes, Experiments, Games, Toys and build Child Friendly / Loving Environment. 

Nurturing Love for Learning!!    


We do extensive research and analysis of new developments in the field of early childhood education. Since inception in 2010, we have introduced many new initiatives such as:

· Brachiation Ladder - Brachiation Ladder is specially designed for small kids: Using this ladder, the child learns to support the weight of the body using hands and arms. It increases oxygen supply and helps in development of the lungs.

· Association with Chinmay Mission for Sanskrit Gita Shlokas

· Logico Primo is a set of puzzle  for developing logical thinking. 

· Singapore Maths 

· Jolly Phonics (U.K. based methodology)

  · Hand Writing without Tears (US Based methodology) 

· Bits of Intelligence–Pictures & 3D models helps children learn quickly  

· Flower Day – Colours team initiated  Flower Day based on learning from La Tomatina Day in Spain.  

· Specially designed solar water heater, solar fan, eco city, science experiments, gardening 

· Sand pit, Ball pool for the hand eye coordination 

· Colour days @ Colours are the most sought after events of the year!!  

· This year introducing sound pipe, mechanical board, ball run…. 

Looking forward to kids enjoying and learning...many more things to come!!