Dear Friends, Greetings! We are thankful to almighty for giving us an opportunity to serve little Kanha & Radhe. 

Award-winning Colours Preschool & Innovation Academy (CIA) has a chain on Preschool (9 Branches) and One Primary Cambridge University Model School.  Colours Preschool & Innovation Academy (CIA) has well defined “360 Degree Framework” for overall development covering all aspects of the STEAM process. We have an emphasis on all aspects of child development : 

  • Academic 
  • Sensory
  • Cognitive
  • Extra Co-curriculum  
  • Physical Development   

Colours have been blessed with a Caring, Talented and Passionate Team! 
Thank God for the Teachers and Kids!   
Colours Team has mix set of expertise in house with good educational background. The team shares a passion for early childhood education, caring and nurturing the personal, social and emotional development of our children.

The Idea Colours was conceptualized over 10 years of my stay in the UK and US. During the initial years of my motherhood, I spent most of the time giving my kids quality education, reading lots of books and introducing various subjects like Mammals, Insects, Vertebral and Non-Vertebral Animals, Human Body Organs, Bones of our body, Great Paintings, Inventors, Road Signs, U.S. currency, Presidents of the United States and Outdoor Sports. 
My Daughters attended various Private Playgroups; During that time I met teachers and understood creative methods of teaching and storytelling. I loved the way they interacted and respected kids. Also learn new educational techniques, such as Glenn Doman’s unique method of flashcard based teaching, innovative school planning, events, early child care policy, to spend quality time with kids and have fun while learning.
Post this Montessori Course Certification helped me to get hands-on experience. My involvement with NGOs helped me to manage various kids at different centres and also teach in a playful manner.   It was a great feeling when my one and half-year-old toddler pointed out countries & continents on the world map.  It was a pleasure to hear my four-year-old saying all human body bone names. 

It has been a long planning exercise over years to start preschool and provide quality education in India. Finally, with God’s grace, Journey of Colours started in 2010 with exceptional support from Team and Parents. 
We continue to work towards our vision:


•Nurture Love for Learning
•Provide World Class Education 
•Focus on Brain Development & Confidence
•To provide safe, nurturing and loving environment to children so that they love learning, become confident and physically strong. 
•Guiding parents how to raise joyous, intelligent and healthy kids

Hema Gehani
Founder Colours Preschool  
WhatsApp : 98230 77611